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Green Energy Division

DBS Green Energy focuses on developing and implementing solutions that utilize renewable energy, with the primary focus on promoting sustainability and energy efficiency. This division is actively working on projects ranging from solar PV installs to achieving net-zero emission targets in facilities by utilizing renewable sources along with energy storage.

Some of Our Typical Projects


Solar PV+PVT




Energy storage and control


EV charging stations

Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

dbs has partnered with Elocity as the software provider, and provides solutions to satisfy your requirements for EV charging stations. Read on below for more details and reach out to us and we’ll be more than happy to discuss the EV charging solutions that suit your needs and any applicable incentives we can secure for your project!


  • Electric Vehicle Energy Management System (EVEMS)
  • Charging Port Management Software (CPMS
  • Charging Optimization and Driver Engagement

Building Owners and Managers

Your new “gas pump” is at home and at work

The return to the office has begun.
Many drivers do not have access to a charging station at home and the number of “garage orphans” is increasing with the proliferation of EVs as the supply of public EV charging stations and demand overlap. Garage orphans will have to rely on their workplace or a public place to charge their car.

This is an opportunity to create a new revenue stream for the building owner by providing a service.

An amenity that will create value for you!

  • EV charging stations attract drivers who need to plug in and wait, tenants will enjoy the new business
  • Office workers will use the charging stations, creating opportunities for property managers
  • Improved infrastructure increases the value of your property!

Hyper Integrated Electric Vehicle (HIEV)

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)

Software makes it easy to manage any combination of EVSE deployed in your network.

Now and as things change in the future.

CPMS is flexible for every use case:

  • Fleets
  • Multifamily and mixed use
  • Public Spaces
  • Utility
  • Battery Swapping

Mobile App: For EV Drivers

Easy to use and optimized for

End-to-end solutions

Connect and monitor

Connect any OCPP-compliant EV chargers, monitor remotely and maximize station utilization

Custom tariff and payment

Customize tariff station or location wise and securely accept any major payment method

View your dashboard

Visualize your EV charging data in the HIEV admin dashboard with multiple user profiles

Manage power

Reduce infrastructure and operational costs with Smart energy management

Multi-language & multi-currency

A global product which supports multi language and multi currency

Manage users

Control who can access your station and set company pricing policies

API integration

Integrate with your CRM or SCADA with easy api integration


Group by location, site or stations. Add your logo for easy identification on map

Mobile App

Locate the chargers through android and iOS apps

Reserve now, charge later

Supports reservation for users to reserve chargers at their convenience


Customize your SMS, email or in app notifications.

Easy Updates

A cloud based system where any upgrades in the software can be done over the air

24x7 Support

24×7 user support for L1 issues is available through in app chat.

Usage report & analytics

Download usage report and analytics for admins or residents for specific time period

Flexible solutions for every use case:

Dedicated, shared, or public parking/charging and car share (fleets) too. We’ll set up your network and make it easy to manage, as it grows
The EV charging solution intelligently connects any EV charging network and EV charger for a smarter charging ecosystem
It addresses sectoral challenges around interoperability, scalability and data privacy impeding efficient adoption of EVs
Elocity is the fastest growing CPMS in the world!

Built first, with Security, Privacy, and Flexibility

Green Button Alliance

Green Button security, anonymous, digital framework for secure, data which is easily associable to the owner.

Energy Web Foundation

Blockchain technology enables security and privacy.
Increase revenue from EVs and chargers via market participation, green charging, and e-roaming.

Open Automated Demand Response

More than just OpenADR, implementation has been done for various means of two-way communication from grid to vehicle; ISO 15118 and IEEE 2030.5.

Open Charge Point Protocol & Open Charge Point Interface

We can control and command any OCPP charger in the world. When you decide to open your network to the world, many roaming functions are available via OCPI.

Elocity Tech

All these plus algorithms operating in the background.
Elocity makes EV charging intuitive for drivers, and automatic for operators.

Elocity’s APIs are open and ready for consumption; get EV chargingintegrated into your software platform, utilize existing or create new point systems, today by asking us how!

Let’s Connect!

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