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Lighting Control

MACH-ProLight ™ building controller​

Reliable Controls launched the MACH-ProLight™ in early 2019. With the release of this advanced lighting controller, we began building custom lighting control panels to simplify installations for technicians, and we quickly became a UL 508A–certified panel manufacturing shop.​

Authorized dealers can order a MACH-ProLight controller as part of a customized, factory-wired lighting control panel—a complete assembly of controls and switching relays wired and ready for installation. Panels are built to order and allow a mix of dimming and switching circuits specific to your lighting control strategy. Select your preferred MACH-ProLight controller model, relay quantity, optional accessories, and wiring details during the order process. Your custom-built panel will arrive ready for Class 1 and field terminations.​

Panels come with printed wiring details affixed to the door. Electrical conduit knockouts are positioned for high- and low-voltage wire entry, and you can use a low-voltage breakout panel for terminating field devices. Choose a flat-surface or hinged panel door, or simplify your installation by removing the backplate and wiring assembly from the enclosure.​ Each panel we build is installed in a NEMA 1 enclosure with a full separation of class 1 circuitry, providing protection to both the installer and the equipment. We assemble lighting control panels in a dedicated UL 508A–certified shop at​ our manufacturing facility in Victoria, Canada.

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