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DBS Automation: Software

RC-WebView®- BACnet Operator Workstation Software

RC‑WebView is an easy-to-use browser-based building management solution that allows you to manage any BACnet internet‑connected building efficiently. RC‑WebView combines the power of enterprise tools with a simple interface that connects multiple independent control systems into a single Enterprise Website. Accessed by a secure single sign‑on, RC‑WebView empowers you with scalable visibility and control at a glance.

RC-Reporter®- Building Performance Reporting Software

Extract intelligence from your building data and discover actionable insights to improve your operational efficiency. Identify, evaluate, and rank energy-wise and comfort-balancing opportunities to support your continuous optimization strategy. RC-Reporter® brings clarity to building performance analytics with readable, reliable, and rational reports, delivered automatically by email or integrated directly into your building control system.

RC-Archive®- BACnet Data Archiving Software

With continuous downloading of building data logs to an industry-standard SQL database, RC‑Archive® delivers a robust record of performance for any internet‑connected BACnet facility.

RC-RemoteAccess®- BACnet Virtual Private Network Software

Simplify your IT management and improve your data communications security with RC‑RemoteAccess®, a flexible BACnet Secure Network (B/SN) solution that is scalable and affordable. This easy-to-use software does not require additional routers or controllers to deploy and permits multiple separate VLAN configurations. Save time and money by deploying and managing your own B/SN.

RC-Studio®- BACnet Advanced Workstation Software

Recognized as the ultimate all‑in‑one engineering tool, RC‑Studio® from Reliable Controls provides a multivendor, multiprotocol integration solution for database, alarming, scheduling, trending, and sequence of operation programming. This easy-to-use, easy-to-learn BACnet Advanced Workstation (B‑AWS) allows you to develop a complete and customized graphical user interface for monitoring and controlling any application at any scale. The real-time energy management and integrated fault detection and diagnostic capabilities in RC-Studio will empower you to improve your facility’s operational efficiency and occupant comfort while maintaining your sustainability goals.

DBS Automation: Controllers


MACH‑ProWebSys™ building controller

Access and control your facility easily and cost-effectively from the internet using the Reliable Controls MACH‑ProWebSys™ building controller. The unique three-in-one design of the MACH‑ProWebSys combines a BTL-listed BACnet Building Controller (B‑BC), a BACnet Operator Workstation (B‑OWS), and a powerful web server in a single package no larger than a typical controller. The built-in workstation reduces your capital expenditures by eliminating workstation client software, and the built-in web server reduces your operating expenditures by eliminating client license renewals and fees for cloud services. There is no software to download and no IT server to maintain. Every MACH‑ProWebSys can control hundreds of sensors and actuators using standard protocol networks. Backed by the industry-recognized Reliable Controls 5-year warranty and designed to remain backward compatible with previous-generation systems, the MACH‑ProWebSys provides lasting value for generations.

MACH‑ProSys™ building controller

In addition to onboard inputs and outputs, the Reliable Controls MACH‑ProSys™ features extensive network routing capabilities, reaching the apex of control as a fully programmable internet‑connected BACnet Building Controller (B‑BC). Not only can you expand the MACH‑ProSys with many flexible hardware options, but you can also seamlessly integrate it with numerous open protocols, making it the ideal choice for large rooftop equipment, large mechanical rooms, and complex integrated systems.

MACH‑ProZone™ building controller

Small, durable, and packed with flexibility, the Reliable Controls® MACH-ProZone™ is a fully programmable BACnet® Building Controller (B-BC) with highly scalable I/O in a very small footprint. The MACH-ProZone is ideal for a wide range of applications, including small to mid-sized rooftop and heat pump applications and small mechanical room applications. The controller features up to 8 universal inputs and up to 8 universal outputs with jumper selectable relay configuration—the MACH-ProZone ships standard with removable terminal blocks and support for 8 SMART devices.


MACH‑ProView™ building controller

The Reliable Controls MACH‑ProView™ LCD with Router is a powerful and elegant BACnet Building Controller (B‑BC) and BACnet Operator Display (B‑OD) that provides a plenitude of attractive high-resolution graphical interfaces to access, control, and monitor the comfort and energy of any space while routing communications to multiple networks.​

The Reliable Controls MACH‑ProView™ LCD is a powerful and elegant BACnet Building Controller (B‑BC) and BACnet Operator Display (B‑OD) that provides a plenitude of attractive, high-resolution graphical interfaces to access, control, and monitor the comfort and energy of any space.

MACH‑ProAir™ building controller

Engineered to exceed the specifications for a wide variety of variable air volume (VAV) applications, the Reliable Controls MACH‑ProAir™ is a fully programmable BACnet Building Controller (B‑BC) with numerous downloadable standard codes and flexible input and output options, all priced to meet a modest budget.

SMART-Space™ building controller

Take ownership of your personal environment with the Reliable Controls® SMART-Space Controller™ (SSC), a fully programmable BACnet controller with multi-sensor capability and ten-point, direct on-screen control.

MACH-CheckPoint ™ building controller

The Reliable Controls MACH‑CheckPoint™ door-access controller is a fully configurable Power over Ethernet (PoE) device designed to meet or exceed the BACnet Advanced Application Controller (B‑AAC) profile.

MACH-ProLight ™ building controller

Empower your facility managers to save energy by integrating lighting controls into your building automation system with the Reliable Controls MACH‑ProLight™ advanced lighting controller, the world’s first BTL Listed product to meet or exceed the BACnet Lighting Device (B-LD) profile. The MACH‑ProLight is a freely programmable and scalable BACnet Building Controller (B‑BC) that provides 0–10 V continuous dimming and BACnet binary lighting output (BLO) object support. This allows you to implement advanced control strategies such as daylight harvesting, dim‑to‑off control, vacancy control, plug‑load control, and scene/theme control, key strategies for achieving OpenADR and Title 24 compliance. Compatible with standard lighting control relays, low‑voltage peripherals, EnOcean wireless products, and Reliable Controls SPACE‑Sensor™ Temperature and SMART‑Sensor™ products, the MACH‑ProLight ships in a convenient preassembled UL 508A Listed control panel or as individual components.

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